Tech Check: Consumer Benefit Platform Technology Review

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace—including the platforms supporting HSAs, FSAs, and HRAs. Account administrators whose solutions are built on advanced platforms are able to serve clients (and their clients’ employees) faster and more accurately, and all with less overhead.

Is your consumer benefit account platform technology up to date?

Take our quick quiz to see how your technology provider's system scores. The quiz is 5 questions and will take just 3 minutes.

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On average, how long does it take for a reimbursement claim to be processed for your members’ notional accounts (HRAs, FSAs, DCAPs)? Include total timeline for reimbursement claims to be received, reviewed, and approved.

On average, how long does it take for your members to receive payment once a reimbursement has been approved? Include total timeline for money to be deposited into members’ accounts following reimbursement approval.

How long does it typically take to configure a new, complex plan design on your existing platform - for example, an HRA with multiple payment tiers?

Does your current solution include lifestyle reimbursement accounts, for expenses like tuition, healthy eating, family forming fitness and wellness, etc?

Does your current platform leverage any of the following technology advancements?

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Congratulations! Your platform appears to leveraging many of the most advanced solutions available today. But is it built to evolve? If you're with Elevate, you don't have to worry about your technology scalability or feature enhancements, we do it all for you.

Great. Your platform appears to be leveraging some of today’s tech innovations, but there are definitely places you could benefit from advancements. See our tech innovation blog articles for more insights.

Your platform may not be keeping up with today’s tech innovations, but you have many options to upgrade your solution. See our tech innovation blog articles for more insights.

Your platform appears to be lagging behind today’s tech innovations and may be putting your business at risk. The first step is researching the various options available today. See our tech innovation blog articles for more insights.

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