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Elevate's white-label PEO software was built using the latest technology, including cloud computing, AI algorithms, and RESTful APIs. Manage your clients' benefits programs with ease and improve client loyalty with Elevate.

Deliver best-in-class benefits administration with AI-powered PEO software

PEOs face the risk of losing their clients to tech partners through industry consolidation. Give your clients a better offering and see up to 35% gross margin savings with Elevate’s fully automated PEO software.

Why Elevate

Challenges we solve

Challenge: Consolidation

You risk losing business to tech partners via industry consolidation.

Challenge: Vendor overload

Managing multiple vendors takes valuable time out of your day.

Challenge: Limited insight

Without all your data in one easy-to-access PEO platform, you're never getting the full picture.

Challenge: Endless manual work

Outdated tech means admin work piles up—for you, your admin and service teams, and your clients.

See up to 35% gross margin savings with our PEO solution

Elevate makes it easy for employees to access their benefits all in one place, driving both client and employee satisfaction while increasing revenue and products with your client to reduce retention risk. Our PEO solution greatly reduces admin work for your account team, service teams, and clients, with system automation and modern technology doing all the work.

Why Elevate

Customize your offering with our fully white-label PEO software

Your clients aren’t one-size-fits-all, so your PEO solution shouldn’t be either. With Elevate, you can integrate your branding into our platform and deliver a unique user experience your clients will love, and you’ll love using.

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