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Elevate offers a modern solution that is fast, reliable and fully embedded in your brand. The result? A cohesive, single-brand employee experience for all your clients' needs.

Low cost. High margin.

Distinguish your brand with a modern solution that creates an all-in-one experience within the portal. Reduce the number of vendors your clients work with, and own all your data.

Why Elevate

Challenges we solve

Challenge: Brand dissonance

Legacy solutions are difficult and tedious to customize to fit your unique brand.

Challenge: Lack of traffic

Your website should be a home base for your members. Great account features make it a popular place to check back in.

Challenge: Blind decision-making

When it comes to data, you need the full picture to make the best possible decisions.

Challenge: HSAs moved to 401(k)s

Due to inconvenience or lack of knowledge, clients are moving their HSAs to their 401(k) provider instead of under their health plan.

Taking health plans to new heights

With its embedded solutions—all built within your brand's ecosystem—your business is stickier, quicker, and rid of costly service gaps. Better data access means you can build a full picture of healthcare usage, setting yourself apart from 401(k) providers and earning you valuable insights into your participants' needs.

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Health plans in action

Health plans have complex plan designs across books of blue-chip employer clients. However, solutions provided by traditional tech platforms are saddled with branding complications, slow technology builds, tedious manual workarounds, and poor service. Enter Elevate, providing health plans with a solid, modern option with true branding capabilities—a health plan's ticket to a competitive product suite.

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