Built for benefit platforms

Created by industry experts uniquely qualified to build a next-generation benefits solution, Elevate's platform was built using the latest technology, including cloud computing, AI algorithms and RESTful APIs.

Less management, more margin

With the AI-enabled technology embedded into Elevate, you can maximize efficiency without adding complexity—giving you a valuable competitive edge in today's challenging market.

Why Elevate

Challenges we solve

Challenge: Consolidation

You risk losing business to tech partners via industry consolidation.

Challenge: Vendor overload

Managing multiple vendors takes valuable time out of your day.

Challenge: Limited insight

Without all your data in one easy-to-access platform, you're never getting the full picture.

Challenge: Endless manual input

Tired tech means admin work piles up—for you, your admin and service teams, and your clients.

Your one-source solution

Elevate makes it simple and seamless for employees to access their benefits all in one place. Thanks to system automations and modern tech, tedious admin work is drastically reduced, avoiding service gaps and boosting client satisfaction. Vastly improved data access and transparency allow you to build a full picture of healthcare usage, enabling deeper data connections.

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Benefit platforms in action

Benefit platforms are well-respected for providing advanced solutions across a spectrum of benefits services. However, partnerships with traditional account platform providers can weigh down progress—because the technology just isn't there. Enter Elevate, a turn-key solution to bring consumer benefit account product lines up to speed with automation, AI enablement, and significant user improvements like real-time reimbursements.

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