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Not everyone gets excited about FSAs and HSAs. But we do. Combining our team's decades of experience in the consumer-directed benefits space and our passion for technology, we developed a product that better serves the benefits industry with unmatched capabilities and zero fuss.

We saw a problem.
So we solved it.

The consumer-directed benefits industry delivers much-needed financial gains for consumers, but the supporting technology is fundamentally flawed. Outdated solutions create headaches and stress—especially when trying to meet consumers' expectations for speed and experience. In order for administrators to support their clients in the most effective way possible, we set out to create something fresh, sustainable and unique. So we created Elevate.

The values that set us apart

Elevate is committed to being all the things that today's account administrators need. These values underpin all we do to relentlessly redefine the technology and experiences that power benefit accounts.

Be better

We constantly deliver better benefit solutions that maximize efficiency without adding complexity.

Be proven

We’ve built the most powerful platform for instant, consumer-friendly benefit experiences.

Be pioneering

We celebrate our rich, foundational experience and a heritage devoted to positive change.

Be modern

We embrace AI and automation to power instant claims processing and other modern innovations.

Be driven

We are dedicated to providing a true alternative to the growing tech debt of the legacy platforms.

Be innovative

We continually seek emerging technological advancements to deliver the highest quality experience.

A revolution in what's possible

Our team set out to eliminate the primary pain points that legacy platforms simply couldn't overcome. First, the ability to make our solutions look like our partners' brands through seamless white-label branding. Next was configurability; the ability to accommodate and administer all plan designs on a single all-in-one platform. Finally, we simplified outmoded and time-consuming manual processes with real-time automation.

Priceless investment

Building a comprehensive modern platform isn't easy, and we recognized the complexity involved. That’s why we gave a team of dozens of expert developers, coders, and designers two years of distraction-free time to work on our industry's biggest problems. Unburdened by tech debt and given the ability to pursue a singular focus, we were able to build the perfect solution.

Why Elevate?

Because account administrators have put up with the tedious workarounds and time-wasting tech debt of legacy platforms for too long. It's led to diminished expectations and the normalization of everything from error-prone claims processes to declining profit margins. So why settle for outdated solutions that fall short of your customers' expectations? It's time to turn the page on the past with the first benefit account platform automated and AI-enabled for the present—and future.

More Reasons to Believe

We're building the future of benefits

Say hello to the most innovative team in the consumer benefits industry.

Executive team

Brian Cosgray
Co-Founder, CEO, and Board Member
Brian Strom
Co-Founder, CTO, and Board Member
Keith Soranno
EVP, Sales
Alicia Oberg
SVP, Marketing
Amanda Richter
Head of Product

Our board

Jim Lynch
Board Member
Michael Brown
Board Member
Ruth Foxe Blader
Board Member
Sean Jacobsohn
Board Member

Board observers

Advisory board

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Modern. Fast. Nimble.

Elevate is shaking up the slow-moving world of employee benefits with the industry's first AI-powered, ultra-reliable benefits engine that is market-proven to simplify account experiences for administrators, employers and participants.

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