AI-powered software built for third-party administrators

Elevate is an all-in-one TPA software that's fully automated so you can spend less time on tedious administration tasks and focus where it matters most—your clients.

Take your place at the top with fully automated TPA software

Elevate builds key efficiencies that save you money and reduce client issues. Upgrading your suite gives you a more modern product that not only increases client satisfaction but also allows you to expand.

Why Elevate

Challenges we solve

Challenge: Paper-based & manual processes

Legacy platforms require endless hours of manual admin, adding to an already heavy workload.

Challenge: Limited staff & budget

Smaller companies need to be nimble; with fewer staff and less budget than the big guys, it's difficult to stay ahead of tech innovations.

Challenge: Larger competitors

Big companies exert a lot of pressure by undercutting pricing and offering discounted bundle options.

Challenge: Legacy limitations

The outdated tech platforms simply can't accommodate certain plans that could absolutely boost your business.

A breakthrough to better business

Elevate is a reliable, cost-effective way to completely modernize your business. Replace cumbersome file and paper-based procedures and deliver a unique, branded user experience your clients will love, and you'll love using.

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Third-party administration partners in action

TPAs prioritize their client service as a key differentiator. But with lean staff and the tech limitations of traditional platforms, getting ahead of the competition can be costly. The aging nature of traditional platforms means that TPA teams are inundated with manual processes and are forced to provide outdated user experiences for employer clients and members. Enter Elevate. With streamlined integration, TPAs can be up and running with a modern solution that saves time, money, and effort before the next plan year.

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