Why choose Elevate over WEX?

Forget long ticketing queues, long blackout dates and cumbersome implementations. Elevate has transformed the slow-moving world of employee benefit accounts—HSAs, FSAs, HRAs and more—with an automated, ultra-reliable platform that helps account admins move quickly and do more with less.

Unlike WEX, we’re a partner-only solution, which means we won’t compete with you, your brand, or your success. With Elevate, you'll move faster, get ahead of the competition, and give your clients a better experience…so you can focus on growth.

Automated and simplified, Elevate improves the way you do business.

Imagine a world where AI can analyze your claims documents, extract the relevant information, and flag discrepancies for review. Our industry-leading, AI-powered automation handles the heavy lifting of data entry, eligibility verification, and document processing, so your team is free to focus on complex cases. Human error is inevitable in manual processes, but Elevate’s AI creates consistent and accurate processes, minimizing errors and corrections.  

With repetitive tasks automated, you benefit from faster overall processing times. For example, AI can analyze claims documents, extract the relevant information, and flag discrepancies for review. Elevate's AI doesn't just automate tasks—it also provides valuable insights. By analyzing large amounts of data, AI can identify trends and predict potential issues.

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Elevate automates the little things so you can focus on bigger opportunities.

Elevate prioritizes future-proof solutions.

WEX's platform relies on older systems and technology, which leads to slow processing times, security vulnerabilities, and integration issues. Meanwhile, you’re left with outdated features—unable to adapt to changes in regulatory requirements, security threats, and evolving employee expectations. Without a platform that can adapt and evolve, you risk falling behind and struggling to meet future demands.

Elevate invests heavily in technology innovations and boasts the latest modern features and functionality. With our scalable architecture, we adapt to growing needs and integrate seamlessly with new technologies. We prioritize your security, and always stay compliant with the latest requirements.

Adapt quickly to changing market dynamics and respond to emerging trends with a flexible and adaptable solution.

Flexible, configurable platform frees you from costly SOWs.

Are you waiting months for even the smallest changes to your platform? Locked into lengthy Statements of Work (SOWs) for simple customizations? Making changes to your product doesn’t have to be a long and costly process.

We know speed matters. Elevate’s platform is flexible and configurable, so you can make adjustments, respond to changes, and immediately see the benefits of your changes.

Extend your brand presence with complete customization.

Many solutions offer a one-size-fits-all approach. You get their interface, their branding, with maybe a token effort to incorporate your logo.  Elevate takes a different approach—one that prioritizes your brand identity. With our custom branding, we make our platform an extension of your company. And, you get to choose your customization.

  • Customized platform - Tailor the UI with your brand colors, fonts, logos, and even integrate your brand imagery and messaging to create a cohesive experience that feels familiar and is trusted by your customers. Elevate's white-labeling capabilities remove all references to our platform to solidify your brand as the sole provider of the benefits experience.
  • API integration - Our comprehensive suite of APIs allows partners to pull data and functionality into their front-end experiences, so you truly own (and therefore can finally differentiate) the user experience.

Let Elevate integrate into your brand, not the other way around.

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Automation & efficiency
AI-powered workflows automate tasks like data entry, verification, and document processing.
Limited automation capabilities lead to manual, time-consuming processes.
Future-proof & scalable
Modern architecture adapts and grows with your business. Proactive security and regulatory compliance.
Stagnant technology limits functionality and scalability. Vulnerable to security threats and changing regulations.
Innovation & agility
Constant development ensures the latest modern features and functionality. Flexible configuration allows for quick customization without lengthy SOWs.
Limited product evolution leaves you with outdated features. Long development cycles hinder customization and time to value.
Real-time processing vs. batch processing
Gain immediate insights, identify issues quickly, reduce support costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
Delayed insights due to batch processing can lead to missed opportunities and frustrated customers.
Data access & reporting
Comprehensive data access and reporting tools empower data-driven decision making; no fees for custom reporting.
Limited data access and reporting capabilities. SOWs and fees for custom reporting.
Focus & growth
Elevate focuses on providing the best possible platform for your needs and never competes with you for your clients.
WEX may prioritize selling to your customers, creating a potential conflict of interest.
Integration capabilities
Embed Elevate into your existing platform for a unified user experience.
Limited integration capabilities may lead to disjointed user experiences.
Expert support
Dedicated team of experts provides personalized support throughout your Elevate partnership.
Level of support varies, potentially leaving you with unanswered questions.

Seeing is believing

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