Gain up to 35% gross margin savings with a fully automated solution

Get more time and cut costs by reducing the complexities of HSA, FSA, and HRA administration. Our platform automates legacy manual processes, which allows you to more tightly align resources to revenue-generating and margin-reducing activities. 

Elevate improves the way you do business.

Tired of dealing with legacy technology that’s decades old...and paying for it every step of the way?

Elevate's AI-powered platform automates eveything, from onboarding and plan setups to claims processing and funding. Not only does this make every task go faster and smoother, but it also reduces costs.

Our partners realize significant savings across a number of key areas:

  • Minimized client onboarding time (and related resource needs) with one-click plan templates
  • Lowered claim processing costs with automated, HIPAA-compliant determinations
  • Decreased customer service calls with personalized coaching
  • Reduced resources needed for manual processes, error handling and rework
  • Decreased budget allocations for custom reporting and development

Elevate platform being viewed on devices

Remove human error from repeatable tasks.

Let’s face it, human error is inevitable in manual tasks, and these mistakes can hold up your benefit admin processes. Elevate’s AI is consistent and accurate, removing human error from the equation and accelerating administrative tasks along the way.

Elevate's AI doesn't just automate tasks—it also provides valuable insights, identifying trends in account usage and predicting potential opportunities for growth.

Elevate handles all the little things so you can focus on bigger opportunities.

Flexible, configurable platform frees you and increases ROI.

Are you waiting months for even the smallest changes to your platform? Locked into lengthy Statements of Work (SOWs) for simple customizations? Making changes to your product doesn’t have to be a long and costly process.

We know speed matters. Elevate’s platform is flexible and configurable, so you can make adjustments, respond to changes, and immediately see the benefits of your changes. Without waiting for long development cycles or approvals, this translates to a faster ROI.

Plus, our future-forward architecture scales with your business and adapts to your growing needs.​

Extend your brand presence with complete customization.

Many solutions offer a one-size-fits-all approach. You get their interface, their branding, with maybe a token effort to incorporate your logo.

Elevate takes a different approach – one that prioritizes your brand identity. With our custom branding, we make our platform an extension of your company. And you get to choose your customization.

  • Customized platform - Tailor the UI with your brand colors, fonts, logos, and even integrate your brand imagery and messaging to create a cohesive experience that feels familiar and is trusted by your customers. Elevate's white-labeling capabilities remove all references to our platform to solidify your brand as the sole provider of the benefits experience.

  • API integration - Our comprehensive suite of APIs allows partners to pull data and functionality into their front-end experiences, so you truly own what the user sees (and therefore can finally differentiate).  

Let Elevate integrate into your brand, not the other way around.

HR Tech Awards

Don’t take our word for it. Elevate recently received the HR Tech Award for the Best Advance in Practical AI.

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Tried. Tested. Proven.

We're a best-in-class, premium technology platform with the numbers to prove it.

Thousands of organizations

Employers across the country are supported by Elevate's platform

Hundreds of thousands

American workers and their families depend on Elevate technology

Up to 35% gross margin savings

Automation, error reduction, and elimination of manual processes means a more profitable program for our partners

90+% Instant claim approval

Claims approved instantly, costs are reduced, and customer satisfaction increases

Instant CIP reviews

HSAs are opened painlessly, customers access their money faster, and calls are diminished

One week client onboarding

Client onboarding time drastically reduced, slashing admin costs and delighting benefit teams

90+% Real-time payments

Reimbursements provided faster, customer satisfaction increases

Experience the radical difference of Elevate

With a level of control you just can't get anywhere else, Elevate unlocks a whole new world of potential for you and your customers. Better insight, better access to your data, and the most complete set of APIs translate to real, quantifiable success. And the best part? Your brand and experience are your own, end to end.

Who succeeds with Elevate?

For account administrators ready to capture the ultimate competitive edge, Elevate unlocks bigger and bolder possibilities for your business. From lowering your support and administration costs to improving retention and NPS from existing customers to earning you higher win rates with prospective clients, our platform saves you time, money and resources.

Seeing is believing

Love what you’re hearing about Elevate? This is just the beginning. Schedule a demo with our expert team today to find out all the ways our totally scalable, completely brandable, and fully automated platform will improve the way you do business forever.

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